Plant Sale – The sun is out, the soil is warming up and we have plenty of tomato and vegetable plants that are looking for there forever home. The Edible Forest plant nursery is open for you to visit Monday to Friday between 11am – 3pm and Saturdays between 1pm – 3pm. Order form is

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We are still on a ‘high’ after our first open day late last month on the 24th November, with approximately 1000 people enjoying the Edible Forest, which vastly exceeded our expectations. A beautiful Sunday afternoon was spent exploring the Edible Forest, enjoying live music, food trucks and some kids entertainment. The atmosphere was electric with

Global Gardens of Peace

Spring has definitely sprung and seeing the Edible Forest awakening is so magical. It is incredible what a garden can do for your soul. There are many evidence-based research papers that show how important green spaces are for us, although being out there and experiencing it is truly amazing. I am proud and honoured to