Create your own Frog Pond

Create a Frog-Friendly Oasis in Your Garden with an Old Bathtub Have you ever considered that an old bathtub can play a pivotal role in enhancing the biodiversity of your garden? It can, indeed, be transformed into a habitat for frogs! The process is simple and sustainable and adds charm to your green space. Here’s

Innovating Sustainability: Building a Chicken Tractor at the Edible Forest

At the Edible Forest, we’re always seeking innovative approaches to combine sustainable practices with efficient gardening. One of our most recent initiatives is the implementation of a chicken tractor. It’s an ingenious way of making the most of our chicken runs and vegetable plots. Here’s an overview of our process and the benefits we’re reaping

lilly pilly jelly

Lilly Pillys | Lilly Pilly Jelly

About Lilly Pillys Lilly Pillys are an Australian Native Fruiting tree, which are very commonly used as hedge plants but also have amazing flowers. It’s a good idea to not hedge them over Autumn to allow them to flower, which will allow them to fruit. After you collect the Lilly Pilly berries in winter, you

strawberry guava

Strawberry Guava- Psidium cattleianum

As we are hitting the winter solstice, the garden has gone predominately dormant. However, the Edible Forest was designed to always have something harvestable at all times in all seasons. One of our best winter performers is the strawberry guava. The strawberry guava is a hardy shrub to small tree originating from South America that

medlar tree

The Medlar tree – Mespilus germanica

For this month, I have chosen the Medlar tree as it’s one of my absolute favourites, especially at this time of year! The medlar tree is an ancient variety and was once extremely popular in Europe during the middle ages. You would have found them in most medieval monasteries and castles. Can you recognise the

angelica plant edible

Angelica (Ashitaba)

This month I have chosen Angelica as edible plant of the month because it’s really beautiful at this time of year and has so many uses! Angelica also known as Ashitaba and the botanical name of Angelica archangelica is in the Apiaceae family. Also in this family is celery and I point this out as

edible plants australia

Edible Flowers Australia

One of our main functions as garden is to grow produce for the Yarra Valley Estate Wedding and Conference Centre. We just LOVE edible flowers. Being able to handpick a bucket of edible flowers before a wedding really sets us apart and is actually so easy! Spring is the best time for flower growing and