Innovating Sustainability: Building a Chicken Tractor at the Edible Forest

At the Edible Forest, we’re always seeking innovative approaches to combine sustainable practices with efficient gardening. One of our most recent initiatives is the implementation of a chicken tractor. It’s an ingenious way of making the most of our chicken runs and vegetable plots. Here’s an overview of our process and the benefits we’re reaping

Autumn Harvest

Autumn Harvest

Autumn and the Autumn Harvest is proving to be an interesting time in the garden this year. With the high levels of rainfall and low temperatures we saw throughout summer. The garden has been built using Hugelkultur methods therefore storing a lot of water and hardly drying out in some areas creating all sorts of

Canna Lilies are Edible!

Canna Lilies are something you will find in lots of gardens, you possibly have them growing in your own garden and didn’t realise that the bulbs and roots are edible! In the Edible Forest, we grow 2 varieties, especially for their large bulbs; The Canna Lily Achira (canna edulis red) and the Queensland Arrowroot (canna edulis).

Spring Harvesting

Spring; the Garden is bursting with so much energy as it wakes up from hibernation. Here is a list of the next 3 months of what you can be harvesting at home! September The last of your winter vegetables (still great for soups) Leafy Greens will be still be going strong Pea straw will be

Ramping up Summer Seedlings

Is it just me, or are we all dreaming of summer? There is no denying it, winter is cold, but the days are getting longer and spring is coming. When the sun is shining, it warms the body, soul and the soil too and makes for a wonderful excuse to get out into the garden.

What is the Harvest Hub?

With the Edible Forest’s nutritionally rich soil the plants’ growth and supply of fruits, seeds and leaves is vast and increasing each year. We began pickling and preserving to ensure supply throughout the year. The garden was producing so much that the Edible Forest needed its very own preserving kitchen! Preserving Kitchen A preserving kitchen