Create your own Frog Pond

Create a Frog-Friendly Oasis in Your Garden with an Old Bathtub Have you ever considered that an old bathtub can play a pivotal role in enhancing the biodiversity of your garden? It can, indeed, be transformed into a habitat for frogs! The process is simple and sustainable and adds charm to your green space. Here’s

Innovating Sustainability: Building a Chicken Tractor at the Edible Forest

At the Edible Forest, we’re always seeking innovative approaches to combine sustainable practices with efficient gardening. One of our most recent initiatives is the implementation of a chicken tractor. It’s an ingenious way of making the most of our chicken runs and vegetable plots. Here’s an overview of our process and the benefits we’re reaping

The Importance of Creating Green Spaces

Firstly our thoughts are with all the communities that have been devastated through the recent bushfires and drought that our beautiful country has endured. Thankfully the recent rain bought some much-needed relief it also bought fierce winds and flash flooding, sending debris into our precious waterways and hampering vital back burning efforts. The Yarra Valley

How to Worm Farm?

Becoming a successful worm farmer is actually quite easy to do! Worms are dynamic little creatures that can dramatically improve the ecology of your garden. Not only will you be able to use your organic waste, you will also be improving the wellbeing of your plants by producing powerful plant food for your plants (worm